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Don't Let Calvert County Become Another Waldorf!

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The new Comprehensive Plan is being rushed through and citizens are being left out of the process. The first draft of the Plan, released in October, is not a complete draft and many issues have not been adequately studied. Yet citizens are being asked to comment on it by December 8th, which may be the last time that public comment can be submitted before the Planning Commission acts on the Plan.

We are asking the Planning Commission, who has authority over the Comprehensive Plan review process, to EXTEND the comment period. Further, we are requesting that citizens then be given at least 90 days after the release of the complete Plan to submit comments before a public hearing is scheduled.

The following issues have not been adequately studied by the Consultant. No explanations or reasoning are included in the Plan, and the effect on our infrastructure for each issue has not been determined: 

  • The traffic projected by the County Commissioners will increase above the level of traffic currently occurring north of Waldorf. The Plan proposes a substantial amount of growth without addressing how such growth will affect our roads or the road improvements the taxpayers will need to fund to accommodate the growth.
  • The "buildout" provisions in the current plan have been removed. The provisions in the current Plan tie the amount of residential development to the availability of infrastructure (roads, schools, etc.).
  • The Town Centers and Villages are being proposed for expansion beyond that which was previously proposed and without study. 
  • Sewer is proposed to be expanded beyond the Town Center boundaries and higher density residential is proposed in these areas.
  • Current land preservation programs, which have saved tens of thousands of farm and forestland, are threatened by the proposed changes in the requirements for the use of Transferable Development Rights (TDRs).

Citizens also need adequate time to review the important Plan sections which are missing: A purpose statement that establishes the Plan as the guiding document for major decisions;  an implementation section to show how goals will be achieved and by whom; a heritage section recognizing and preserving our historical and cultural heritage; and a government section that will hold our government financially responsible and transparent in their decisions.

So much is missing or inadequately addressed in the 1st Draft that citizens will need at least 90 days to review the 2nd Draft before a public hearing is scheduled. We hope that the Planning Commission will understand our concerns and grant our requests: 

  1. To extend the December 8th deadline; and
  2. To allow at least 90 days to review Draft 2 before a public hearing is scheduled.

Thank you in advance for consideration of our requests.

The Citizens of Calvert County.

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