Petition Update

Time for Taking it to the Higest Levels of California Governmnet

Maggie R
Novato, CA

Apr 29, 2013 — We had an excellent demonstration Friday night and received coverage in both Sonoma County newspapers, as well as on two TV news programs. Yet, the nets remain up and birds continue to die! As CALTRANS continues to flaunt the laws, and even today a CALTRANS "biologist" was seen in an outright act of animal cruelty to a trapped swallow, we are going to try to reach the governor's office via his Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. If you are able to participate in this effort, you can contact Deirdre Hussey, Deputy Chief of Staff at (916) 445-8994. Please ask that they help us put a stop to this. Tell them CALTRANS should NOT be above the law. Let them know that you are a California resident (if you are one) and you will not stand for this.

You can view the latest atrocity, from today, along with a description of events, here on Facebook:

Thank you.