Petition Update

We need 2000 signatures by the end of today!

Maggie R
Novato, CA

Apr 19, 2013 — Dear Supporters - you all rock! I am hoping for 2000 signatures by the end of today. We cannot stop now - Caltrans is STILL putting out disinformation to the press and to the agencies tasked with protecting wildlife. They are lying and saying birds are no longer being killed. This is just NOT true. Smaller numbers are being killed, but even one is too many! And birds continue to make nest on other parts of the bridge. Netting is also killing birds on the Lakeville Hwy bridge in Petaluma.

Here's a video from last night - I think you may only be able to see it if you are on Facebook:

I write a haiku almost every day, don't ask me why, I don't know. Here is today's:

Caltrans lies, while the
birds slowly die in the nets.
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Gratefully, on behalf of the birds,