Safer Freeway Exit to Improve Traffic at Masten Ave/6th St.

Safer Freeway Exit to Improve Traffic at Masten Ave/6th St.

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Santa Clara County Supervisor Mike Wasserman

Why this petition matters

Started by Nunila Lazaro

On December 3, 2021 my uncle Felix Avendano was driving westbound on Masten Ave, as he has done every morning for over the past decade. As he was waiting to turn left on to Sixth St, he was rear ended, pushed to oncoming traffic and was hit head on. Due to the severity of the crash, he was tragically killed on scene. 

This is not the first accident on Masten Ave/Sixth St.

This exit is known for high speed traffic -way past the legal speed limit - and for the blatant disregard of safety by frequent drivers.

Due to these high speeds, drivers are not given the opportunity to react in time and brake for drivers who are awaiting to turn left on Masten Ave.

Traffic often gets backed up on Masten Ave, due to Rucker Elementary School's drop off and pick up times, causing more opportunities for potential accidents.

Change is crucial to improve the safety of the Gilroy community who live in this area as well as the families who attend Rucker Elementary School. Implementation of a traffic light, designated left turning lane, roundabout, etc. will help achieve this goal.

My family mourns the loss of my uncle who left behind a wife, children, grandchildren, and many more people that loved him. He was a dedicated member of St. Mary’s church and the community. The hundreds of attendees at his funeral is a testatment to the loving, caring and charitable man he was known to be.  

We want to improve the exit at Masten Ave to avoid another tragedy. We wouldn't wish anyone else in the community to go through the pain his family and friends continue to experience to this day.

My uncle touched the lives of many. Through enacting this change, we will ensure that no more lives are negatively impacted - honoring the memory of Felix Avendano



4,489 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!