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As many of you know, Glenny Kebabs is far from your standard kebab fix

Glenny Kebabs has become an institution in Glen Waverely, bringing foodies from all over Victoria to its unique community based network established by the owner. 

A family friendly environment home to most local school children, university students, local businesses, tradies and of course the local community and families !

Visited by thousands weekly and over 400 people a day, quickly became Melbournes busiest and most happening kebab destination

Unfortunately as of lately Caltex has been demanding unreasonable requests from the business owner on various occasions to which they have been fulfilled except for one.

- "Wednesday Night Chills" was put to an end

- The verandah to provide cover for customer was forced to be removed

- Caltex then demanded that all tables and chairs be removed and that the business owner must ensure no one eats anywhere on site whether standing, sitting or even in their vehicles ! 

This is unreasonable and as the business owner couldn't go on this kind of bullying by corporate giant Caltex, Glenny Kebabs could not do this to its customers.

So what did Caltex do ?

Put a fence around Glenny Kebabs, hired security to keep the owner and staff offsite and closed up the business with no warning on the morning of Wednesday 28th November.

Glenny Kebabs is a local business started by member of the community who has put all their time and effort to ensure the community has a place to call home, a safe environment for locals to come families to gather at any time of the day !

Caltex unfortunately doesn't see how important Glenny Kebabs is for the youth, the locals and the community !

Don't allow a corporate giant to shut down a small business that's so involved with the local community !

Contact Caltex and let our voices be heard !

Contact them on Facebook, Instagram, Google, phone and email !