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I have started this petition as it has come to my attention that hundreds of people are complaining to Calmac about dogs being kept inside on the ferries, apparently in the way of people and a potential hazard. These people are trying to get Calmac to move their pet areas OUTSIDE, similar to other major ferry companies, who keep dogs in crates outdoors. 

Not only is this unfair on our pets as we all know the harsh conditions of the minch, but also unfair on pet owners. For one as pet owners, we do not deserve to be banished outside purely for taking our pets with us, but also for pet owners who may have disabilities or young children, that means they simply cannot spend almost 3 hours in bitter cold winds and rain, and everything else the Scottish weather throws at us.

We need the indoor ‘designated pet areas’ to be clearly marked, and preferably away from the crowds!  We need the pet areas clearly marked so those travelling without pets aren’t taking those seats, then commonly refusing to move for pet owners. It’s a longstanding issue, and while they have converted the rear of the ship to a pet area, which is great, the area is not clearly marked. Causing annoyance to those who have been asked to move for pet owners. A secure indoor area would have been ideal on the loch seaforth.

I am sure there are many out there who agree that this is absurd and should not be followed through, but I need your help to prevent this from happening. I will be bringing this petition to Calmac once signatures are raised in the hope that we can show them this is not what the majority want. By keeping quiet we are allowing this to happen.

Please take a minute from your day and sign this petition with me,