Calls for Royal Commission into systemic Abuse Stop child abuse in our Australian schools

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We have all heard of the shocking abuse of teachers locking autistic children in cupboards, cages, tiny rooms. My child recently suffered a beating including a cowards punch. 

His special needs teacher bullied him calling him fat and lazy, a runt. He had so much anxiety he lost hair, broke out in pimples, went up two dress sizes. He was vitamin D deficient, cause of the room he was put in. Dr put him on medication. She started calling him fat and lazy. He became withdrawn wouldn't leave the house. I asked her to stop she attacked him including a cowards hit to the head.

Principals response natural for boys have pimples. Hayley Jeffrey from NSW education department said "I think I am vitamin D deficient myself". Yet less than a week later they brightened the room up. Responses for the bullying from Linda Martin now retired Disability co-ordinator and her immediate boss at the Albuy Education Department "Bullying builds their resilience" this was said quite a number of times to me I asked one day after about the tenth time "its departments policy". According to statistics bullying leads to suicides infact worksafe are now running ads about it.

I found there was no support for us. I have found similar stories all over Australia. Help us petition the Mental Health and Education Minister for change and Attorney General for laws to protect our most precious assets. 

Have these abusers held accountable for their shocking abuse over our most venerable people. The police don't even investigate, we need the Attorney General to make tough laws that prohibit anyone accused or convicted of any child abuse from teaching in our school's. 

Chief Minister Andrew Barr is calling for laws stop systemic abuse. Yet when I contacted his office he referred me to Adrian Piccoli Education minister. Let's make him keep his promise to stop coverup of systemic abuse.