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Petitioning The U.S. Senate

Calling on all of our representatives for Sustainable People & Planet Rights/Profits.

I believe it time to call out everyone of our representatives to see where they stand for science based sustainable people and planet rights and profits.

Letter to
The U.S. Senate
Who are you, who overwhelmingly vote against rights for conscientious choices for sustainable humane People and Planet profits/rights (good government) and overwhelmingly support the the rights of the "corporatocracy's" (bad government) exploitative profiteering and control (from abusive factory farms, war industry, health care, airbrushing textbook industry, unregulated home schooling, to myth & hate mongering media, fossil fuels, deregulation, tax caps/loopholes/off shore, outsourcing, dehumanizing, cultural wars, narrow definition of family, etc), at the expense of all of our well being and too often under the guise of supremacist quasi Christianity? Just look at the critical rubble too many are in and it's global affects! Clearly exploitative profiteering doesn't work yet sustainable profits do;no matter how you look at it, it's a law of physics on earth as it is in heaven.
A healthy, educated, employed and peaceful society is exponentially profitable for all of US and the world!
This is what your occupation calls upon you to conscientiously provide; what we vote and pay you for or are you being bought by the "corporatocracy"?
Thank you for your time in self reflection on this very urgent matter, on so many levels.
Looking forward to hearing your stance and supportive evidence on where you stand, for People & Planet profits & rights or exploitative "corporatocracy" profits & rights a.s.a.p.

Most Sincerely & Deeply Concerned,

Laura Schlegel & Family & Life Giving Planet