Calling Haringey, Hackney and Islington: SORT OUT FINSBURY PARK

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Finsbury Park is a diverse and historic hub in the middle of North London straddling the borders of three local authorities.  Over the past three years, due to chronic mismanagement of the local area by the three responsible councils, Finsbury Park has become dangerous, dirty and a dumping ground for festivals put on by Haringey Council in the park to make profit from the area. 

Local residents and our vulnerable community are now faced with open drug dealing, chronic homelessness, dirty streets strewn with rubbish and a park that has become so dangerous that tragically a woman was murdered there at Christmas and last week a woman was sexually assaulted.  It is an outrage that in the last six months since the murder, Haringey have been able to host multiple large scale festivals in the park but they haven't been able to make the park safe for vulnerable residents.  Even worse, over the Wireless weekend, there were two separate deaths of festival attendees.  

This petition calls on Haringey, Hackney and Islington to work together as a matter of urgency to work together invest in shared services that cross borough boundaries to:

  • Invest in a shared service for managing commercial waste and litter collection
  • Prevent homelessness and support people who are homelesss
  • Create a designated youth outreach team to work with young people in or at risk of joining gangs
  • Improve community facilities in the park for local people
  • Tackle open drug dealing, criminality and anti social behaviour
  • Reduce the number of events held in the park and invest all profits back into the local area

Residents from all sides of the Finsbury Park area want the area to be safe, thriving and inclusive which requires joined up working from the council far beyond the initiatives in scope with the tri-borough agreement.  We call for action and a response now before more people are hurt.