Calling for credible methodology to count Brumbies

Calling for credible methodology to count Brumbies

8 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marilyn Nuske

Management of Brumbies in both Victoria and New South Wales is underpinned by population surveys conducted by Stewart Cairns.

For many years stakeholders and the public have disputed the results of counts, alleging the numbers are flawed, that the numbers are both biologically and scientifically impossible. In addition, locals confirm the numbers are flawed based on first hand observations and ground counts.

There has been no published credible survey in the ANP since the depletion of populations caused by the 2019 wildfires. 

We call upon the State Government of Victoria and New South Wales to abandon the St Andrews methodology for population counts in the Great Alpine Park, as the numbers are flawed, both mathematically and scientifically and have led to flawed numbers  more than double the scientifically accepted maximum, and up to 41% of discrepancies and biologically impossible. 

Flawed policy based on flawed numbers has led to the removal of Brumbies from the Kosci National Park in conflict with the objects of the N.S.W Act, and many Brumbies being surreptitiously sent to knackeries, also in contradition of the Act which acknowledges the Heritage value of the Brumbies and for the protection of that value with sustainably managed mobs in the Park.

In Victoria, flawed numbers has led to flawed policy and resulted in the cruel and barbaric shooting of Brumbies in the Victorian Alpine Park and Barmah National Park.

In December 2021 Parks Victoria announced a new management plan based on 5,000 brumbies yet the Cairns report states only 2,500 brumbies in the Park. Contrary to the priority in the management plan, no brumbies were rehomed, the Parks Manager shoots brumbies, instead. 

We call for the adoption of a methodology that will result in credible numbers.

It is impossible to make decisions about the management of any species until such time as a credible population is known. 

Stakeholders have put forward researched options including drone and camera which will be a fraction of the cost of helicopter counts

This must happen now, and no longer be brushed off, before it is too late.


Please sign and share widely.

Brumby Action Group Inc

{Photo by Paul McIver)


Support now
Signatures: 7,718Next goal: 10,000
Support now

Decision makers

  • Atticus FlemingHeritage NSW
  • Jacinta Allan MPPremier of Victoria
  • Chris Minns MPPremier of New South Wales
  • Matthew JacksonCEO Parks Victoria