Go to your local sacred sites 21st June 2015

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Keep the world Matrix positive (ley lines) clear from the NWO as they are using the grid (ley Lines) to produce the negative world matrix (Vision) and have  intention to use September 2015 through 2016 to cause false flags on the scale of human extinction. You can counter act that agenda

Gather at the sacred sites. Take your jade or green stone and through "The Immaculate heart" hold vigil for the world leaders to hear the words of God who holds dominion over them more surely than they over their fellow man. Call upon the limitless spirit of God to over come the negative matrix being attempted by the NWO and to uphold the positive matrix frequency and vibration to overcome Gods enemies which are also yours. Place the vision firmly in the world by asking for it in full. Give glory to God, and give thanks.  As a light worker you know what to do to place positive loving healing peaceful  frequencies and vibrations into the grid. Your Mother needs you now.  God bless those who answer the calling.

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