We demand Councillor Callaghan calms down, is nice to people and rejoins the human race.

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Councillor Gavin Callaghan hates Billericay; he’s proven this repeatedly in the past year. So let’s show Gav what those of us in Billericay think of him.

He repeatedly insults our town - associating us with the Mafia - which are a pretty nasty bunch.

He claims to have given £9 million to Billericay to fund a pool (and gym that no one wants) - but hasn’t said where the money will come from. He claims he’s delivered when in fact it was just a vague promise that the money might be in next year’s budget. Since that budget has yet to be set, this is clearly not guaranteed.

He claims to favour all parts of the borough equally - yet he happily removed £300,000 of money from Billericay to tidy up its high street to give to Wickford (which has already had £millions ploughed into its high street, market and swimming pool.

He planned to shove a whole load more houses into Billericay that most don’t want along with a road through ancient woodland, probably just because it’s green belt. He’s called us NIMBYs, he claimed we all vote tory and that we are selfish.

He’s rude, vindictive and just plain nasty on social media to those who don’t agree with him and even now he’s lost his majority in Basildon and resigned as de-facto leader of the council he still can't calm down. He makes personal attacks on members of the public and councillors, ignoring the Nolan Principles.

He’s upset that so many councillors come from Billericay (even though the Leader of Labour in Basildon lives in ….. Billericay)

And he wastes £400,000 of residents money on tarting up the council chamber in Bas.

Therefore we, the citizens of Billericay, do hereby withdraw all access privileges, visiting rights to Councillor Callaghan until he decides to calm down, be nice to people and rejoin the human race.

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