Call to Doug Ford & Stephen Lecce to prioritize education and negotiate.

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We request the government stops the cuts to public education in Ontario. We request a return to negotiations with the intent to listen not bully, to learn not dictate and to grow together with the unions representing teachers, support staff, educators and the students of Ontario, cooperating towards success. 

  • Stop cuts to public education. This has been proven to impact future growth and success in the economy, break the cycle. 
  • Stop mandatory e-learning for high school students. Nowhere near enough time, research and testing has been invested in digital classrooms. Forcing a previous failure on a new cohort of students will not lead to success.
  • Stop looking to some of the poorest examples of public education. Arkansas and Alabama are struggling states mired in issues rooted in ignorance, instability and fear.
  • Stop class size increases. It is a priority to maintain and improve the teacher/educator to student ratio. This negatively impacts students getting the help they need and personal safety for students and educators.
  • Stop hiring freezes on teachers or educators. Our population is booming, as said above - it is a priority to maintain and improve the teacher/educator to student ratio.
  • Fund the $15.9 billion school repair backlog. Modernization and updating our educational facilities not only keeps them to safety code but provides environments to foster greater learning.
  • Apply competent math skills to the "financial aid" that has been promised. Paying out parents and caregivers $25-$60 of their own tax dollars per student per missed school day will equate to approximately the $50-$80 million that ETFO has proposed to support students with special needs for special education among other beneficial growth in province wide education plans. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Schools are the heart of our communities, they are the foundations of the future and of our democracy. These proposed cuts will impact all students and hit the most vulnerable students the hardest. The approach of the current government towards our provincial education system that is looked to globally as a successful model is short-sighted, misinformed, and damaging. It cannot, in good conscience, be supported in any way. Building and supporting a robust and caring education system is the path to generational economic growth and provincial success. Make good choices, for now and for the future.


A copy of this message and petition will be sent to:

- Premier Doug Ford,
- Education Minister Stephen Lecce,
- Leader of the Official Opposition Andrea Horwarth,
- Local MPP Laura Mae Lindo,
- WRDSB Kitchener School Trustees - Mike Ramsay, Kathi Smith, Natalie Waddell and Joanne Weston