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Call to Audit U.S. Aid to Egyptian Ousted "Strongman" & U.S. Ally Hosni Mubarak

The people of Egypt have risen up, on the whole peacefully, to demand an end to the reign of Hosni Mubarak. For 30 years he has ruled the country, constantly promising democratic reforms that have never materialized.

Over the 30 years that Mubarak has been in power, WE, the Taxpayers in the United States, have paid billions upon billions of dollars to his government. These payments have NOT helped the Egyptian people, but have benefitted U.S.-based Corporations, Arms Dealers and their Lobbyists.

There has been a call for FULL DISCLOSURE, using a PUBLIC AUDIT, of ALL U.S. AID PAID BY U.S. TAXPAYERS TO THE EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT. The Audit would and should include the names of the U.S. suppliers of military and police hardware, along with the names of the lobbyists for these companies and the Congressional Representatives who have voted in favor of these payments.


It is hoped that the bringing of TRANSPARENCY to our government's financial support of this DICTATOR will catalyze a movement for TRANSPARENCY for our government's support of many other oppressive regimes around the globe.

THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. We can do our part to end our complicity with the oppression they have suffered.

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The President of the United States
We call for TRANSPARENCY in Government. WE THE TAXPAYERS, want to know HOW our Tax Money is spent! We DESERVE to know this!

According to the British magazine The Economist, America recently gave Mubarak 1.5 BILLION -- mostly spent on Military Armaments -- to keep his own people from revolting as they just have done! The Tear Gas Canisters used against Protestors, had "Made in America" printed on them! Shouldn't we be ASHAMED? What does this say about us?

WHAT OTHER MID-EASTERN DICTATORS ARE WE SUPPORTING; AND TO THE TUNE OF HOW MUCH??? And, just WHAT CORPORATIONS are supplying this military hardware at huge, easy profits to themselves?

If there is a big need to cut taxes -- and cut deficit spending -- perhaps we could RE-CONSIDER giving lavish lifestyle and military support to ruthless Tyrants HATED by the people they oppress..... it is NOT going to "buy us any Friends".....

At any rate, WE THE TAXPAYERS DESERVE TO KNOW what is being done with OUR monies..... a complete and Public Audit should certainly be undertaken as a first step.

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