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Call to Arms, Change DEMANDED in NYC ACC Euthanasia Policies and Practices

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Julie Bank was hired by the city of New York as Director of NYC Animal Care & Control. Since she has taken over the shelter operations, more dogs and cats are being killed then ever before. Between the 5 boroughs of Manhattan on a low average there are about 30 dogs killed nightly, and they are killed 7days a week, Thats at least a 210 dogs a week. Most of the dogs coming into the shelter system in New York are pit bulls. More then 60% of the dogs that come through the doors are adotpable.

Julie Bank thinks euthanizing as many dogs as she can, is acceptable. Is she trying to save money for the city in hopes to add some figures to her already 6 digit paycheck? Julie Bank has AUTHORIZED the killing of dogs that have had RESCUE or ADOPTER HOLDS on them. This in itself is a DIPLORABLE crime agasint the entire spirit and purpose of Rescue and Animal Control and CARE. Julie Bank has cut the phone lines to the shelters as a way to save money. How are people supposed to call in and adopt if there are no phone lines? Julie Bank has also fired employees who were using social media to try and save dogs. With as many animals that come through the NYC ACC networking is the ONLY source of finding potential adopters/Rescues/ and fosters for these highly adoptable animals in need.

Julie Bank has issued new rules and standards into the Volunteer screening process making it more difficult then ever to become a volunteer. I'm sure the more than 200 people that attended this year's "Fifth Annual Animal Care Spring Fling a Swinging" on May 11th 2012 are unaware of the TRUE cause their hard earned dollars are really supporting. THE MASS EUTHANASIA OF HIGHLY ADOPTABLE ANIMALS. I'm sure they are unaware that completely adoptable animals are being euthanized by the hundreds weekly. The statistics lie (they can be seen here: ) when you consider that AC&C runs their statistics based on the nationally recognized Asilomar Accords (definition can be seen here: ) not all of the animals euthanized are accounted for. It says RIGHT ON THEIR OWN STATISTICS page that "Healthy, well tempered pets are not euthanized on demand" (referring to owner requested euthanasias) BUT they kill well tempered healthy animals ALL the time that have RESCUE AND ADOPTER HOLDS placed on them.

It is MY opinion that Julie Bank has FAILED the animals she has been charged with caring for. There needs to be SERIOUS changes to the NYC ACC immediately. They say they offer "Educational Resources" and "Adoption Programs and Services" but NOWHERE do they mention that they employ any personel on staff that is charged with reaching out to Rescue Organizations to help place HIGHLY adoptable animals before they are euthanized. In FACT they deter staff from networking animals in need as demonstrated by Bank firing Emily Tanen, who was a paid employee of NYC ACC that started two years ago and was the only employee in the three ACC shelters to take pictures of dogs. In fact, she was ROUTINELY CRITICIZED and REPRIMANDED for spending her time using her own camera to try and save lives. THeir "New Hope" program is a joke at best. As soon as an animal is listed as NH ONLY they are put on the euthanasia list and killed within 48 hours. They do not employ proper sanitary conditions as required by State and Federal law which helps prevent the spread of illness and disease, and as soon as an animal displays illness minimal steps are taken to care for that animal or they are directly euthanized. Just about EVERYTHING on the NYC ACC's web page is a LIE meant at making potential adopters feel good about adopting from them and owner's that need to relinquish their animals feel good about their decision not knowing that their beloved pet will likely be dead within 72 hours.

It is only through the efforts of those who truly ADVOCATE for these animals such as,, and that things can change. Stray holds are 72 hours for all animals 4-weeks of age and up that come in as strays. Any animal under 4 weeks old can be put down upon intake. Owner surrenders can be put down AT ANY TIME, but in most cases get over 24-hours. The only exception to that is if the behavior is too aggressive to safely house in the shelter or if the animal is so severely injured or in such bad shape medically that it is inhumane to not put them down.

NYC ACC is NOT legally obligated to even inform the public how many animals they kill and why. After passing both houses of Congress last year, David Paterson, former Governor of New York, vetoed that bill which is NOT surprising, since he himself has faced pressure to abandon his bid for a full term race following a report about a domestic-abuse complaint against a top aide and allegations that Paterson and New York State Police intervened in the case in 2010. People who often abuse people have no regard for the abuse of animals.

The point of all this... is CHANGE. Change in how the NYC ACC applies it's policies, Change in accountability when the NYC ACC's programs fail, change in how they run the shelters and programs, change in leadership and most of all CHANGE in how they care for the animals they are charged with. We need to put the CARE back into Animal Control and Care and the ONLY way to do that is to SPEAK OUT, SHARE the Outrage, take part in the Marches, and sign our petition.

Thank you.

*A special thank you to Urgent Death Row Dogs for the use of some of their information in the creation of this petition*


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