Call to Action for Williamson County Sheriff's Office: Justice for Javier Ambler

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  On March 28, 2019, Javier Ambler - a black resident of Austin, Texas was driving home early in the morning with his brights on and passed by a Williamson County deputy on patrol (Deputy J.J. Johnson).

What ensued as a result of Ambler's undimmed lights was a 22 minute police chase where he crashed his car five times and was continually and unjustly tased by the officers (backup provided Deputy Zachary Camden) that apprehended him.

Ambler's pleas for mercy and warning of his severe heart condition were ignored and he soon passed away on a neighborhood street. Now, on June 8, 2020 a little more than 14 months after Javier's passing -  footage of his untimely death (that the Williamson County Sheriff's Office withheld) has been released granting his family closure but not justice.

The Williamson Country Sheriff's Office has not held Deputy J.J. Johnson and Deputy Zachary Camden accountable for their actions. By signing this petition you are urging that the deputies who wrongfully abused and murdered Javier Ambler are suspended from their positions and charged.

Please sign and share with those you know. Javier was a loving father of two with a passion for life. We cannot stand idly by as systemic racism and profiling rob the lives of innocent black men in America. We demand JUSTICE for Javier Ambler.

It is suspected that the presence of 'Live PD's' camera crew during Javier's pursuit encouraged Deputies Johnson and Camden to escalate the situation and as a result, use excessive force during Javier's final moments. The deputies we seek to hold accountable prioritized gleaning television shock value over maintaining the security of a citizen's life they pledged to protect. Currently, Live PD is withholding their tapes of Javier's death. Please click here to donate to and share with those you know the gofundme campaign created by Javier's family for legal fees needed to secure Live PD's footage of Javier's murder.