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Call to Action for Catholic Diocese to fix equipment disturbing the neighborhood and park.

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Idaho owns a five story office building in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Boise, Idaho. This building is also directly adjacent to a city park. The Diocese rents out space in the basement of this building for computer servers which need to remain cooled 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The cooling units on top of the building emit a very loud, high pitched, piercing buzz that is constant, around the clock....the sound never stops. This sound can be heard clearly over 2 blocks away. The Diocese has been notified of the neighborhood concern and complaint and a resident has even offered to pay for the installation of a sound barrier. The Diocese has refused to do anything nor accept the offer from the neighborhood. The Diocese has also been informed that children and adults are losing sleep and can not even open their windows at night for fresh air due to the horrible sound. The Diocese has also been informed that this sound is bothersome during the day and affects children at the park, particularly those with autism spectrum disorders and sound sensitivity. Even with all of this information, the Diocese states they will do nothing to fix it.

Unfortunately in the city of Boise there is no city code which regulates such noise. 

As residents of Boise, we deserve peace and quiet, particularly at night. Most importantly we deserve respect. It would be ridiculous to think of every single resident having loud cooling equipment on their property, resonating a painful sound, 24 hours a day, year round...therefore it is not acceptable nor right for one organization to feel entitlement about the rest of us, with free reign to be a noise nuisance and disrupt our quality of lives. 

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