Call on Vatican to stop any future association with circuses that use animals.

Call on Vatican to stop any future association with circuses that use animals.

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Why this petition matters

Catholic Concern for Animals, the most influential faith-based animal welfare group in the world, invites you to sign this petition in support of the CCA Vatican Circus Campaign, and our related letter to Pope Francis.

Our educational campaign is in direct response to the organising of a circus involving wild animals, including elephants and lions, by the Papal Almoner, Cardinal Krajewski, as an ‘entertainment’ for poor and marginalised groups in Rome. You can read a journalistic account of the event at:

Please join us in asking that the Vatican does not in future work or associate with any circuses that use animals.

We strongly believe that the action of organising a circus involving wild animals is contrary to the principles and values enshrined in the Papal Encyclical Laudato Si’. As we say in our letter: ‘We fail to see how it is possible, on the one hand, to point out the dignity of every creature, derived from the fact that they are created by God, as Your Holiness has made clear in the encyclical Laudato Si', which are an articulation of core biblical principles, and, on the other hand, for a very senior member of the Church to support actions that target this very same dignity.’

The cruelty involved in training wild animals, especially elephants, in circuses has been highlighted by many animal welfare groups over many, many years. Using wild animals in circuses is now banned in over 40 countries, including many European countries.

Our letter to the Pope can be read at:

The CCA Vatican Circus Campaign is supported by many other animal welfare groups, Catholic, faith-based and secular.

You can read more about and follow our campaign at:

‘The cries and pleas for mercy of billions of animals tortured by humans in every corner of the world are ringing in the sky.’

Thank you, Chris Fegan, CEO, Catholic Concern for Animals

987 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!