Call on the government to support children who care for parents with mental illness

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There are currently over 2.9 million children in the UK who have at least one parent with a mental illness; that’s around six children in every classroom.

These are the hidden carers of Britain. They often don’t talk about their home life, the pressure they’re under, or worries surrounding their parent’s welfare. It can be a difficult role for a child to take on, affecting their education, social life, mental health and confidence. But we see a different future for these young people, where they are resilient and thriving.

The government doesn’t recognise these children in public policy, or provide them with any dedicated support. This must change. 

The pandemic has been especially hard for these children. Parents across the country are reporting a decline in their mental health and the external support networks children rely on – teachers, extended family, social workers - have been harder to reach. Now more than ever, these children need a voice in the corridors of power.

But we cannot do it alone. 

We need your help getting their voices heard. So please sign and share this petition, asking the government to include children who have a parent with mental illness in mental health policy, and help millions of young people get the support they urgently need.