Call on the government to support children who care for parents with mental illness

I'm signing this petition as the parent with mental health issues with a child of 2 years old. Professionals need more training in dealing with parents of mental health but also the children, I am functional and often in cases the mental illness goe's undiagnosed. In my experience its easier to have that child adopted than work with the family. In the 80's we had mass adoptions of parents with mental health issue's taken illegally this STILL happens under the secrecy of family law. Simply WORK WITH US we're often attentive we care for the rights of our children and never wish poor mental health for themselves we want them to suceed and amongst all know that they are loved. More training needs to happen to ensure the child's safety and understanding the mental health condition is key. Children can maintain a safe and healthy relationship with the parent if training and early safe intervention is recommended. If this issue was so under the radar then perhaps barnado's and Swansea University wouldn't need to review the illegal practices of children of parents with mental health and forced adoption. When more training was shown in the review to ensure the childs emotional and mental wellbeing families and children progressed and thrived. I support this as if it's a gateway for a better future for children and parents to ensure safeguarding but maintaining the bond of its birth parents then i fully sign this.

A mother with Bi-Polar.

Marla James, Cardiff, WLS, United Kingdom
10 months ago
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