Ask the Federal Government to ensure all babies get an equal start in life

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Your voice matters; add your name in support of asking the Government of Canada to give the babies of Canada an equal chance at reaching their full potential!

Hearing loss is invisible and many babies live for months, even years without diagnosis. This can cause preventable and unnecessary cognitive and developmental setbacks. Imagine the awful feeling when you suspect that your child isn't hearing you. You drop a plate and your baby doesn’t startle. Your older children run through the house, yet somehow they never seem to wake your baby.

Canada doesn’t have a national infant hearing mandate. Early hearing screening and treatment programs vary widely between provinces and territories.

Sign this petition calling on leadership from the federal government to work with provinces to ensure every child in Canada has the best possible start.

Because health care decisions are made at the Provincial/Territorial level, this means that a baby born in British Columbia has a greater-than 95% chance of being screened for hearing problems, and if necessary, will receive essential early intervention. Did you know that some provinces have screening rates lower than 20%, and while some have screening in place, they have no process or policy for the critical intervention needed to assist communication at this crucial life stage. You can help change that.

By signing this petition, you can provide access to the world of sound. You can provide access to the world of language (spoken language and/or sign language).

We believe that no matter where a Canadian baby is born, they should have the same resources and help, if needed!

May is ‘Speech and Hearing Month’, the ideal time to approach the Canadian Government with our voices united on behalf of babies.  

It is time for you to speak up for babies who can’t.

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Yours for better hearing health, 

John Pepperell

Chair of the Board, The Hearing Foundation of Canada

Steve J Aiken PhD

Director, The Hearing Foundation of Canada and Associate Professor, School of Human Communication Disorders, Departments of Surgery and Psychology & Neuroscience, Dalhousie University