Call on IBO to cancel the 2022 Shanghai IB test and provide a final solution

Call on IBO to cancel the 2022 Shanghai IB test and provide a final solution

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Started by F Chan

We are a group of DP Seniors from Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy, an IB World School. For reference, our IB School Code is 002635. We are writing to communicate our concerns about IBDP May 2022 Assessment.

Normally, this year's sitting examinations will be hosted starting from April 28, according to IB's schedule. However, Shanghai has encountered the most severe COVID outbreak since the start of 2020. Starting from the first locally transmitted case reported on March 1, Shanghai has reported 35,993 local COVID cases from March 1 to March 31, including 1,491 locally transmitted cases and 34,502 local asymptomatic cases. (Official data from Shanghai Municipal Health Commission)

Now here comes the problem: based on Shanghai's current epidemic prevention and control situation, It's very likely that students are unable, or saying impossible, to return to school to attend the sitting examinations. According to Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, students can only return to school after 28 days without new local cases reported. With that being said, even if Shanghai eliminates COVID transmission on April 1 (which is almost impossible since we reported 4,502 cases on March 31), students are not allowed to return to school before April 29. As a result, students will inevitably miss the exams held on April 28. Plus, this conclusion is built on the idealized best-case scenario, and the real situation is much worse than that. Due to the more contagious Omicron subvariant BA.2, this wave of epidemic is very likely to continue until the end of May Assessment.

Therefore, based on Shanghai's current unstable and uncertain public health situation, we have several questions about May Assessment: 

1. Would IBO consider canceling the sitting examinations for all IB World Schools based in Shanghai Region?

2. If the sitting examinations are canceled, how do IBO plan to assess students? Will you repeat last year's dual assessment route, or is there an alternate approach?

3. If IBO decides not to cancel the sitting examinations, how do you plan to coordinate and conduct the exams under the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Emergency Medical Services?

4. If IBO finalizes a decision for the May Assessment Plan, will you inform schools
based in Shanghai? Currently, we haven't got any information from our IBDP Coordinator and the School Board.

As IB students, we are deeply grateful for IBO's effort in coordinating the examinations. We appreciate IB's emphasis on human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond scholastic success, and we hope this time you could all hear our voice too.

73 have signed. Let’s get to 100!