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Help us end the abusive CD Protocol and unregulated Autism 'Treatments'

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We are Autism Advocates campaigning to ban the use,sale and promotion of all unregulated products/treatments being given to Autistic children and adults.

There are many dangerous, illegal and unregulated products being given to the Autistic community and one of the worst 'Treatments' is Kerri Rivera's CD Protocol.

CD (Chlorine Dioxide) also known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is a toxic Bleach solution created by a dangerous Cult called the Genesis 2 Church.

It is harming and maiming thousands of Autistic children and adults on a worldwide level and sadly after eighteen months raising awareness and reporting this awful abuse we still see Kerri Rivera continuing to abuse Autistic People with her dangerous Protocols.

Please watch 'The Bleach Cult' documentary exposing this awful matter in link below.

Part two of this documentary which exposes a registered Doctor giving MMS/CD to Autistic children below.

Kerri Rivera also offers other unregulated products such as HBOT, Ocean Water, Chelation  and GcMAF.

GcMAF is an unproven and unregulated live blood product again being touted as a miracle 'cure'

Listen to BBC Five Live Investigates exposing GcMAF below.

BBC written Report on GcMAF below.

Please learn more about our Campaign and see lots of media coverage in our Websites below.

Our Facebook Groups/Pages with plenty of information below.

We are looking for your support and need to lobby the Governments on a worldwide level to bring in much needed legislation to protect the Rights of Autistic people and end this vile abuse.

Please read ART Autistic Rights Together Press Release regarding this issue in link below.

We thank you for your support!


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