The Alternative to Trump´s Deal - Women

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Donald Trump published a "peace plan" a month ago, which - not only for the content - should have called half of humanity to the streets: Women!

This patriarchal, autocratic, business-minded deal-maker has completely ignored basic international law, the vast majority of non-violent Palestinians, the silenced humanists of Israel - and all women.

If we women let this pass without resistance, we will never play a role in politics.

If we women don´t call for participation and transparency, we agree that a policy of provocation and traumatizing violence perpetuates.

The Trump Plan will aggravate the traumatic consequences of military occupation and violent resistance instead of promoting honest solutions to the open questions by competent Israelis and Palestinians who are perfectly capable of concluding a long-term peace themselves - if they are not further prevented from doing so.

But the entertaining dominance of vulgarity, aggression and hypocrisy leaves no room for expertise and empathy. Whether it is the high profits from the upcoming real estate deals or the sheer joy of exercising power, Trump still seems able to practice his policy of maximum pressure without resistance from the international community.

We call on the Foreign Ministers of the European Union to take a position at their meeting on 23 March 2020, which, in addition to assessing the content of the "Trump Deal", insists that women will be involved in all phases of the peace negotiations.
They shall refer to UNSCR 1325, the resolution of the United Nations Security Council which calls for women to be included at the negotiating table

We also call on the EU foreign ministers to organise a peace conference this year in Brussels or in an EU country to which women are invited as equal negotiating partners.

In order to strengthen the appeal, we are looking for 1325 signatures from Israel, Palestine and women's rights activists in solidarity.

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