Call on Bangor Daily News to Undelete Ringelstein Convention Snub Article!

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On May 21st, Ned White, writer of many varied subjects for the Bangor Daily News, published a truth-telling blog post about how the corporate, elite part of the Maine Democratic Party snubbed it’s own nominee for U.S. Senate, Zak Ringelstein, at the Democratic Party convention. The small group of party leaders are afraid to go against the corporate-PAC supported “Independent” senator Angus King.

White wrote, “King is not a Democrat. He’s not in the party. This was a Democratic convention, and somehow Angus King had the support of the party elite. I call Foul. I call B.S. Angus is not a Democrat, even if he sometimes votes like one. Shame.” The article didn’t mince words and told it like it is– something that is rare to come across these days.

After this post was published, Ned was asked to stop writing about politics and offered to delete the post to maintain his professional relationship with the BDN.

Once you’ve signed pick up your phone and call the BDN at (207) 990-8000 and demand they report FAIRLY on this race.