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Call For The Immediate Firing Of Officers Involved In Attack On UC Davis Student's!

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Letter I wrote to the UC Davis PD. Below:

I have seen the video over, and over on MSNBC, and several other news channels, and web sites. What the officers did was not right. The student's were peaceably protesting, and were not hurting anyone, the use of pepper spray was not called for.
The officers involved need to be Fired Immediately, and receive NO severance pay, they took the situation to a level that did not have to go that far. They have brought a bad image on your Police force, and department. They more than likely have went over board before as well. I doubt that this is the first time they have used excessive force to control situations. There is a big push going on the past several months and years to STOP BULLYING, and what your officers did was to be BIG BULLIES, and nothing less.
What is it when you can't even trust those hired to protect the people in the community? They can not be trusted, and need to be FIRED.......There will be a petition calling for the firing of the officers in the abuse of students at U.C. Davis on

The out cry will not go away till they are fired!!!!!

Suspended with pay is a joke, to those you are hired to protect, and serve!!!

Police brutality must be stopped NOW! We won't tolerate the brutality of Police forces across the country, and The officers involved here in the pepper spray attack on the UC Davis Students shows disregard toward the public's health and welfare. They DO NOT CARE!

Officers Must Be Fired Immediately!!!!

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