Call for NYSDOH to provide CDPAP RFO guidance for Nassau County

Call for NYSDOH to provide CDPAP RFO guidance for Nassau County

September 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Denise Rafferty

Attentive Care is a licensed home care services agency. We have offices in Nassau and Albany counties (headquarters is in Albany, NY). We have been serving patients in their homes for more than 45 years.

Attentive Care has been awarded the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (“CDPAP”) RFO award, meaning that we are one of the fiscal intermediaries statewide that was considered qualified by the New York State Department of Health to continue providing the CDPA Program services to self-directing disabled individuals. The award of this contract by the State establishes Attentive Care as a “Lead Fiscal Intermediary.”

As you know, CDPAP is an invaluable Medicaid program that allows people to stay in their homes as opposed to seeking, and paying for, more expensive forms of care. In addition, the program allows people to be cared for by family or friends. Attentive Care plays a vital role in the healthcare and Medicaid system, providing care for hundreds of people overall.

We need your help to ensure that our company can continue providing CDPAP services. Although our Company was approved as a Lead Fiscal Intermediary, the approval is limited to the Capital Region. Without some change by the Department of Health, we will have to stop serving our CDPAP patients in Nassau County.

We respectfully request that the Department of Health issue clarifying guidance about the CDPAP RFO, which will state:

  • No Fiscal Intermediary (such as Attentive Care) will be deprived of serving patients in any counties where they currently operate and service those patients, OR
  • Fiscal Intermediaries approved as Lead Fiscal Intermediaries can seek the expansion of their contracted counties while contracting with the New York Department of Health and/or the Office of Comptroller.

Without these protections in place, Attentive Care will have no choice but to cease providing services to numerous patients and families in Nassau County.

Please join Attentive Care in signing the petition to tell NYDOH they must expand our contracted counties to include Nassau County, so that we can continue to support our clients.

Your help is greatly appreciated! 

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Signatures: 22Next Goal: 25
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