Stop the Medical Transitioning of Foster, Indigenous, &other Vulnerable Kids. Inquiry Now!

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Provincial, National, and International Inquiries Needed Now!

As a transgender identified public speaker, former foster child, and as somebody that as a child had psychological and emotional wounds, the author of this petition (Jenn Smith) is calling on all governments to immediately cease the medical transitioning of vulnerable kids (foster kids, indigenous kids, and children and adolescents with psychological and emotional problems) and launch immediate inquiries into why so many psychologically vulnerable children and adolescents are identifying as transgender.

New evidence suggests disproportionate numbers of school aged youths (under 18) from foster homes and with psychological and emotional problems are identifying as transgender and going on to use medications that typically permanently sterilize them and can cause other irreversible and life-altering side effects. This may be the most irresponsible and ghoulish medical experiment conducted on youths since lobotomies and the use of DDT sprays on children, or since the forced sterilization of indigenous children in North America. Many of these youths will also go on to become lifelong customers of big pharmaceutical companies. 

Cease all medical transitioning of youths and begin inquiries now!

Please see call for inquiries video here:

Please see the frightening opposition Jenn has faced here from Antifa and other misinformed protesters: