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Call for better dairy cow welfare

Recently, investigators visited 52 dairy farms in Spain, Germany and Denmark. What they found was shocking: including cows kept in cramped and squalid conditions, permanently tethered and suffering ill health.  

Europe’s animal welfare legislation means that, sadly, much of this poor treatment is currently legal. That’s right. Unlike many other animals, Europe’s 23 million dairy cows have no specific legislation covering their welfare – leaving them unprotected and at risk. Europe’s cows deserve better – and with your help we can deliver just that.  

Compassion in World Farming, the leading farm animal welfare charity, is campaigning for new laws that could get dairy cows the protection they so desperately need. An EU Dairy Directive would mean a vast, practical improvement in the lives of millions of cows. It would ensure that all dairy cows have healthy conditions, including:

- Outdoor access and grazing

- Clean, comfortable bedding

- Treatment for injury or illness

- No tethering

Dairy cows urgently need your compassion. If you’re sick and tired of seeing animals suffering, please sign our petition today and tell the European Commission to start protecting dairy cows.

Thank you.

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    Dr. Tonio Borg

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