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Call for an investigation into the seemingly illegal implementation of the Adam Walsh Act

Many aspects of how the Adam Walsh Act came to be implemented leave a lot of questions unanswered. Many people stand to make billions of dollars if the Adam Walsh Act gets forced upon every one of the fifty states. An investigation seems required into that old practice of smoke and mirrors lawmaking in Washington.

Tell me if anything you read in the next paragraph sounds like BUSINESS AS USUAL during the Bush Administration?

The Speaker was not made aware of the the Morphed Bills, which is required, and that the full House had never debated them, nor did they come out of the Judiciary Committee. Rep. Sensenbrenner infers, the Full House reviewed and voted on HR 3132 in September, but ignores that it was virtually rewritten and made harsher (Morphed bills printed is 38 pgs. HR-4472 printed is 77pgs. Means 49% of bill was new, minutes, before it went to the House floor for a vote under suspension of the rules.). Finally, a voice vote was taken, the bill passed, and there is no written record of that voice vote.

The Morphism of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006



This sounds like when Pelosi said, "You have to pass the bill to find out what is in it" to me.

Many of those involved in the creation and promotion of the Adam Walsh act were kicked out of office.. Mark Foley Sex Scandal, Alberto Gonzales.. Kicked out of office...these were lead players in the implementation of this law.

Do you, the tax payers want to know if you have been duped? Just why is it that out of 50 states, only a few have decided to implement the Adam Walsh Act? I will tell you, it is the worst single piece of legislation ever to be implemented in our modern society... now we just need to find out if it was created illegally.

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The President of the United States
When one considers the facts, an open question arises. Was the Adam Walsh Act enacted and signed into law illegally?

We would call for a complete investigation into exactly how the Adam Walsh Act was passed into law.
We would ask for complete transparency on the findings of the investigation.

How can the Federal Government continue to seek to manipulate states into implementing an act which seems to be put into being under smoke and glass politics?

The American People deserve to know what exactly transpired in those behind the scenes sessions.

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