Call for a Public Space Ventilation Bill - we need Covid Safe Clean Air

Call for a Public Space Ventilation Bill - we need Covid Safe Clean Air

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Claire Higham started this petition

SARS-CoV-2 is still killing, disabling and damaging unacceptable numbers of people in the UK and globally.  But the science is clear: transmission is preventable through ventilation, filtration and sterilisation.

Everyone deserves the human right to be kept safe from airborne pathogens. It is vital that the UK Government passes a Public Space Ventilation Bill, or that airborne pathogens are named as a biogenic pollutant in the Clean Air Bill in an amendment. In every public space, especially vulnerable communities and high risk environments such as schools, health and social care settings, we urgently need:

  • Visible CO2 monitors
  • A regulated max CO2 level of 800ppm
  • Immediate upgrading of ventilation and air filtration
  • Government ventilation grants for public spaces
  • An open access online monitoring system with a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) score

This is only the beginning of what is needed. Like the founding of the UK’s sewerage system 150 years ago, this legislation would be a historic step forward for public health. This would protect people from new and existing Covid strains, influenza, Strep A, RSV, future airborne pandemics, and from toxic airborne particles such as VOCs, allergens and mould. It would have a huge positive effect on health, education and productivity. 

This is the opportunity to create jobs and an industry whilst relieving pressure on the NHS, social care, the benefits system and employers. Can we afford not to do this?

The UK Government knows this can and should be done. It is rolling out state of the art ventilation and filtration to prevent airborne transmission in Parliament and selected government buildings. The World Economic Forum at Davos had exceptional Covid mitigations including HEPA air filtration and UVGI/Far UVC. Long Covid Support believe everyone deserves the same human right to clean air, not just those in power.

Many countries are regulating and instigating Clean Air policies involving ventilation and filtration, including Belgium, France, Latvia, New Zealand, Italy, USA and Australia. The UK Government needs to do the same.

The question of our time is how do we end the pandemic? History, writes MIT nuclear engineer Charles Forsberg, “shows that most diseases are stopped by shutting down disease transmission…the most enduring way to stop transmission is via engineered health systems.”

The benefit from clean air goes beyond Covid. It ensures the reduction of harmful air pollution, it creates a cleaner, greener world and improves health outcomes. A paradigm shift needs to happen - awareness must be raised so we know when the air is safe around us and our children.

The answer is simple: we must clean the air. It works on many pathogens and variants and maintains our right to health and our freedoms. We just have to take that step. Please help us to help everyone.

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See the open letter we wrote to Secretary of State Steve Barclay about a Public Spaces Ventilation Bill with 20+ co- signatories

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!