Call for an inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse on the Groucho Club's members forum

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Call for an inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse on the Groucho Club's members forum

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Tyrone D Murphy started this petition to Ian Blackford and

The Groucho Club is the largest celebrity and media club in the world.

One of the most significant and organised child abuse networks in UK history was exposed operating on the famous media haunt; the Groucho Clubs own private members forum. There were thousands of members on the forum, and all sorts of child abuse material was available to the clubs private forum's members.

When the network was discovered, the evidence was quickly destroyed, and cached pages from Google were removed in a massive clean-up operation. This was done without informing the Police. To date, no one has been questioned or charged, and no explanation or statement has ever been issued.

When the Police were informed, by a journalist, they did not fully investigate the complaint. What followed was months of following up with the Police informing them again and again of the allegations via emails and phone calls. The journalist was getting the runaround.

The Groucho Club has approximately 6000 members. However, the private member's forum had 42,000 members, 900,000 posts. Children were available for sex as young as five years old.

There was also a number of Rapes at the Groucho club, where no one was prosecuted. One rape that went unreported and was alleged to have been carried out by industry agent Addison Cresswell. The Journalist reported this to the Police immediately after it was brought to his attention.

There was also long-term sexual harassment and sexual assault of a Groucho Club employee. The victim of the sexual abuse campaign was vilified and the victim of a smear campaign. The alleged perpetrator remained in his position and was also rigorously defended by the management of the Groucho Club at an employment tribunal. This was despite irrefutable CCTV video evidence from the clubs own cameras of a number of the alleged sexual assaults.

The Groucho club's management has refused to issue a full and transparent account of the child abuse network, the rapes and the sexual haressment and assult of an employee.

Many of the celebrities now facing allegations, arrested or convicted in the past few years for sexual depravity such as the infant rapist, Ian Watkins, Weinstein, Spacey, Glitter, Saville, Harris, Hall, Max Clifford and others have frequented the Groucho Club.  Harvey Weinstein is a lifetime member and was invited to write a chapter in a book about the Groucho Club where he talks about his membership.

The network of paedophiles that was operating on the Groucho Club private members forum has now moved on. No searches were made by the Police, no arrests were ever made and no one was ever questioned. The investigation was closed down quickly and quietly without ever contacting the reporter who made the original complaint to the Police.

Later attempts were made by the journalist to inform a number of MP's. British members of parliament. When some of these MP's inquired about the child abuse network, a high ranking Police Officer issued a false report to fend off any criticism of his department. By doing so, the officer concerned corrupted and perverted his own investigation into the child abuse ring. The officer's report contained no semblance of truth whasoever and absolved the Police and the Groucho Club management of any wrongdoing, This false report underminedand trivialised the allegations.

A complaint was made to the IPCC (The UK's Independent Police Complaints Commission) because of this officers actions. The IPCC then tasked the very same officer who has corrupted his own investigation to investigate himself and his own department's failures. The outcome of his investigation was predictable. However, the IPCC later conceded that elements of the false report were inaccurate.

This is a child abuse cover-up on a huge scale, and it needs a public inquiry that will open a substantial can of worms. The people responsible for covering up this reprehensible network of paedophiles need to answer for their criminality.

The Groucho Club is now planning on opening a club in New York.

For further information google " Groucho Club Child Porn." or review Kathy Fox's article here, she lists many links and articles on this issue.

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