Call Eritrea to the ICC

Call Eritrea to the ICC

6 March 2022
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Started by Daniel Bereket

Call the Government of Eritrea to the ICC

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has voted strongly in favor of a resolution condemning alleged rights violations during Russia's military actions in Ukraine and setting up a commission of inquiry to investigate them.

In the March 4 ballot, 32 members voted yes and 13 abstained. Only Russia and Eritrea voted no on the 47-seat body. (UNHCR, March 4, 2022)

On Wednesday, 2nd of March 2022, in an emergency session of the UN’s general assembly, 141 of the 193 member states voted for the resolution (deploring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) and called for the immediate withdrawal of its forces.  Out of the total number of member states, 35 abstained, and five voted against. The only countries to vote no in support of Moscow were Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria. China, Cuba and Venezuela abstained. (The Guardian, 2 March, 2022)

A report (8 June 2016) from the Office of the High Commissioner, United Nations Human Rights on Eritrea, says,

"Crimes against humanity have been committed in a widespread and systematic manner in Eritrean detention facilities, military training camps and other locations across the country over the past 25 years, according to a new report by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea.

Crimes of enslavement, imprisonment, enforced disappearances, torture, persecution, rape, murder and other inhumane acts have been committed as part of a campaign to instill fear in, deter opposition from and ultimately to control the Eritrean civilian population since Eritrean authorities took control of Eritrean territory in 1991".

The Government of Eritrea, together with Belarus, North Korea and Syria, has finally exposed itself as a dictatorship ruling Eritrea for over 25 years.

The UK and 37 other countries formally referred reports of atrocities committed in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Under ICC rules, such a referral from member states means that the prosecutor does not have to get the approval of ICC judges before opening an investigation, speeding up the process. 

“With 37 countries joining the UK, it is the largest referral in the history of the ICC,” said Britain’s Foreign Office.

Referral of the Government of Eritrea to the ICC will trigger the beginning of the end to the against humanity still being committed on Eritrean people.

Support the call for the referral of the Government of Eritrea to the ICC and put an end to crimes against humanity in Eritrea. This letter will be sent to António Guterres (UN Secretary General), Federico Villegas (President, UN Human Rights Council), Karim Khan (Prosecutor, the ICC), and other relevant bodies.

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Signatures: 247Next Goal: 500
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