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Call your Attorney General and demand criminal penalties for unscrupulous mortgage servicers.

Call Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller at (515) 281-5164.



Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has a chance to make sure some of Wall Street's biggest criminals don't get away with cheating millions of foreclosure victims. But we need you to make a call right now.

Less than a month ago, the lead Attorney General in a 50-state investigation of the mortgage industry, Tom Miller of Iowa, promised a group of foreclosure victims and their advocates that the investigation would "put people in jail."1

This was in response to revelations from Congressional hearings and news articles documenting pervasive abuses by mortgage servicers — the companies that collect the mortgage payments, impose late fees, negotiate loan modifications and initiate foreclosures.

But now AG Miller has changed his tune, calling the investigation "inherently civil," not criminal.2 And just last week, when AG Miller once again met with foreclosure victims, he refused to repeat his pledge to prosecute those responsible.3

Call Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller now and demand criminal penalties for Wall Street's worst — unscrupulous mortgage servicers. Here's the call info and a sample script:


Attorney General Tom Miller — (515) 281-5164



It's clear that AG Miller and the other 49 Attorneys General are being pressured by the big banks to agree to a settlement that lets them off the hook. But we can't let them get away with cheating millions of Americans. We need to fight back.

That's why we're teaming up with our friends at National People's Action for a national call campaign targeting the attorneys general of every state. Join thousands of activists across the country in calling your state's attorney general to demand that Wall Street's biggest criminals are held accountable for their crimes against foreclosure victims.

Call Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller now and demand criminal penalties for corrupt mortgage servicers.



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