Provide more reliable PG&E power to Calistoga

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Wherever you live in Calistoga or the surrounding areas we suffer unusually frequent power outages for two reasons.

First, unlike the town of St Helena our primary PG&E power comes over the hills from Lake County - hills that have burned repeatedly throughout history.  Because of that risk of fire in the hills between Lake County and the Napa Valley , Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events are increasingly frequent, affecting all of Calistoga and the surrounding areas, including Franz and Knights Valley.  Calistoga is affected because our supply passes through a high risk area - we are not the target, just accidental victims.

St Helena, Yountville, and the rest of the Napa Valley are served with PG&E service from the south, traversing areas and vineyards far less at risk, and thus PSPS events are not nearly as common there.  We, the residents of Calistoga and the surrounding area, should demand that PG&E connect Calistoga to the primary Napa Valley grid service.

The temporary generators that serve the “east of the Napa river” portion of Calistoga during PSPS events have proven helpful but problematic, with hours of blackout leaving residents and businesses without dependable power.  And they do not serve the “west of Napa river” portion of town at all.  A connection to the primary Napa Valley grid would strongly improve dependable power for all residents, resorts, and visitors.

Second, the part of town bordered by Foothill Blvd and the Napa River is (electrically speaking) grouped with the west-of-Foothill Blvd hillside - a Calfire Very High Fire Risk area - something we all recognize.   Thus, “west of the Napa River” loses power during PSPS events together with the Foothill Blvd hillside area.  In the past, PG&E did not have easy, economically viable control of small parts of their grid, but now they do.  Search “PG&E sectionalized control” to learn more about how the company is installing hundreds of remote controlled switches to disable small parts of their grid to minimize the impact of PSPS events (or click  We should demand they install these remote control switches across Foothill Blvd, to minimize the PSPS impact to the specific High Fire Risk area, and not the portion of Calistoga east of Foothill Blvd.

Both requests are reasonable and very possible.  PG&E is currently upgrading their Napa Valley natural gas pipelines - we see the work between Calistoga and St Helena - and installing a connector to the primary Napa Valley grid is business-as-usual for PG&E.   However, amidst their own bankruptcy and the pandemic, neither decision will be made without our elected local, county, and state officials pushing PG&E.

If you support these two very reasonable and rational requests, would you kindly add your name, address, e-mail and telephone number to our petition?  And forward this petition to your neighbors and friends for consideration?

Thank you!