Tell Air Canada to end its Complicity in Israel's War Crimes

Why would Air Canada, who was awarded "best airline in North America" (Skytrax 2017), have outsourced maintenance work for its Boeing 787 and 767 jets to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the largest state-owned military and weapon producer in Israel?
IAI is the subject of boycotts across Europe for its deadly drone technology and production. Corporate Watch from the UK says that “IAI was one of the earliest developers of drone technology and launched its first surveillance drone in 1979. IAI's website boasts that its drones have an "unsurpassed track record of over 1,200,000 operational flight hours for over 50 users on five continents."
A 2014 study entitled Sleepless in Gaza by Dr. Atef Abu Saif details the terrifying impact of drone attacks on the Gaza Strip, especially on children, “Since their first use in 2000, drones have led to the death of hundreds of Palestinians and have injured thousands more. In addition, they have directly impacted Palestinian psychological and social life, as well as causing a grossly negative impact on education.”
My entire family and I will boycott Air Canada, Mr. Calin Rovinescu, and are calling on you to end Air Canada’s contracts with IAI along with any other contracts which violate the Fourth Geneva Convention (aka war crimes) and to bring skilled jobs back to Canada.

AD Dahir, NY, NY, United States
4 years ago
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