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Petitioning CA Senate-40 San Diego Senator Juan Vargas and 6 others

Californians! Protect the California Coast from Oil Spills!


Take Action to Keep California’s Coasts, Beaches and Bays Safe From Oil Spills

The CA Senate is set to vote next week on a Make It or Break It bill for California! Call your Senator today – really!! This vote is going to be tight – the oil industry doesn’t want to pay to keep California safe - and the only way to convince key swing Senators to vote against the recommendations of the Oil Industry lobbyists if they hear from you, their constituents.

California’s oil spill prevention and response programs are running out of money and if we don’t act now we will be left unprotected!

Californians value our beautiful marine environment and the law purposefully requires that we have the “Best Achievable Protection” from oil spills. That’s why the Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund (Oil Spill Fund) was established with a fee charged on every barrel of oil that comes into California to fund critical oil spill prevention and response programs. But that fee has only been increased once, by one penny, in the fund’s history and it has not kept pace with inflation or today’s standards of best achievable protection from oil spills.

Tell these Senators to Put Californians Before Oil Industry Profits!

The oil industry doesn’t want to pay the one and three quarter penny needed to keep California protected – a one penny increase will generate about $5 mil annually to the Oil Spill Fund. Can the oil industry afford the increase? Yes they can! Second quarter profits for only the big five oil companies topped $35 billion – a 9% boost over 2010 profits. Californians on the other hand, are paying more of their dwindling paychecks at the pumps and will be relying on the Senate to vote yes for AB 1112 to keep our waters free from oil. Call these Senators today and let them know you want them to put Californians before the oil industry’s astronomical profits!!

What can you do next? Call our senate targets and express your concern:

Sen. Rod Wright- staff: Stan DiOrio 916-651-4025

Sen. Juan Vargas- staff: Jim Anderson 916-651-4040 

Sen. Michael Rubio- staff: Sergio Reyer 916-651-4016

Sen. Ron Calderon- staff: Sean Henschel 916-651-4030

Sen. Ed Hernandez- staff: Walter Hughes 916-651-4024

Sen. Curren Price- staff: Curtis Earnest 916-651-4026

Sen. Gloria Negrete-McLeod- staff: Vince Marchand 916-651-4032


Letter to
CA Senate-40 San Diego Senator Juan Vargas
CA Senate-32 San Bernardino Senator Gloria Negrete-McLeod
CA Senate-16 Fresno Senator Michael Rubio
and 4 others
CA Senate-24 Los Angeles Senator Ed Hernandez
CA Senate-26 Los Angeles Senator Curren Price
CA Senate-25 Los Angeles Senator Rod Wright
CA Senate-30 Los Angeles Senator Ron Calderon
I respectfully urge you to support Assembly Bill 1112 to maintain the state's critical oil spill prevention and response programs. As a Californian, I am deeply concerned about our state's ability to protect its greatest asset: the coast. We learned in the 2007 Cosco Busan spill and last year's BP disaster that every second counts when it comes to responding to an oil spill. Our emergency responders must have the training and capacity they need to respond effectively to disasters.

Currently, the Oil Spill Prevention and Administration Fund is financed by a modest 5 cent fee on each barrel of oil delivered to a state port. But the fund faces an estimated budget shortfall of $11 million by 2013, which would result in deep cuts to programs and staff dedicated to oil spill response and prevention.

AB 1112 makes it possible for the Office of Spill Prevention and Response to adjust the per barrel fee for inflation, gradually raising it from 5 cents to 6.75 cents. The fee has been raised only once before in its 20-year history and simply has not kept up with inflation.

Without AB 1112, California's ability to prevent and respond effectively to future oil spills is at tremendous risk. Please support AB 1112 to give oil spill emergency responders the training and resources they need to act fast to get the job done before it's too late.

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