Help An Exoneree Get The Compensation He Deserves!

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SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY to Help Exoneree Rafael Madrigal Get The Compensation He Deserves!

Rafael was convicted for a crime he did not commit and spent nine years in prison as an innocent man. With the help of the California Innocence Project, he was exonerated in 2009. The U.S District Court reversed his conviction after reviewing compelling evidence of his innocence such as Rafael’s timecard and his boss’s testimony showing he was at work, and the true perpetrator’s confession of the crime.

For the past decade, we have been working tirelessly to help Rafael get back on his feet.

The harm to exonerees from wrongful conviction and incarceration is impossible to quantify: years spent in prison, loss of family, death of relatives, lost educational and career opportunities, and loss of health are just a few. Much of this harm can never be repaired, but state compensation is a vital step in acknowledging and remedying the wrong the state committed and gives exonerees support for rebuilding their lives after their release from prison. 

Rafael had a house, a good job, and two kids he coached in soccer. In prison, he lost the opportunity to raise his children, to see his daughter Kimberly’s birth, and to say goodbye to his father, all because he was behind bars for something he did not do.

Unfortunately, our claims have been repeatedly denied by the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB), which is the ruling body which oversees claims against the State.

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, we are presenting Rafael’s compensation claim to CalVCB in a final attempt to get Rafael the compensation he needs to begin repairing his life. This is our last chance.


Please sign this petition to show your support for Rafael and to encourage CalVCB to do what is right: support Rafael’s claim for the compensation owed to him! Hold CalVCB accountable! 


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