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The Primary Purpose of California Unified Taekwondo Association (CUTA)From its inception was to promote Taekwondo and help USA Taekwondo to produce quality athletes. Our doors were open to anyone that shared the same vision. Unity means we are willing to work with any group that supports our mission. Please help us fight to keep CUTA Unified.

                         PETITION FOR CHANGE -CUTA

                                    February 10, 2017


     We, as members of CUTA hereby PETITION for certain Officers of CUTA, namely VP Brian Singer, VP Martin Ramirez, Treasurer Yong Choi, and Secretary General Derrik Carter to resign immediately  and demand you reply no later than, Friday February 20th, at noon. If you do not resign we are going to seek legal means to have you removed.

    Having brought forward several attempts such as Special Meetings, Temporary Special Committees and eventually an Emergency Meeting to discuss and work out the issues surrounding our Organization, you  have failed to uphold your duty for being responsible to our Clubs and Members.

    The Following items are what the Majority of the Clubs and Members want and these items will help move CUTA forward.

  1. Election Postponement:  After State Championship April 2017-Allowing all clubs registered on or before December 9, 2016 to vote and allowing all candidates to run for office.
  2. Election Committee: Reinstatement, GM Clinton Robinson, Committee Chairman.
  3. Election Policy and Procedures for Election Committee:Verify   Current Membership List for Clubs and Individuals and allow everyone to vote for Candidates using past practices.
  4. Create a Membership and Publication Committee- Develop a system for easy transparency of information.
  5. Accept the selection of the Membership, Audit and Election Committee.
  6. Financial Report from Treasurer.
  7. Create a Law and Legislature Committee.
  8. Create a Bylaw Committee.
  9. Tournament Committee Report on State Championship Committee-Submitted to USAT, allowing the President to see all signed documents because he is ultimately responsible.

     Please don’t stand in the way of change and stop looking at your own best interest as a means to keep hold of your power. We are here for the Clubs, Members, Athletes and everyone involved and by trying to eliminate 70% of all clubs to participate as a paid member is not what we want our Association to be.

Allow us the opportunity to move forward as the Last Election and its results were an utter failure and fixing the problems in an appropriate time frame with committees and members input is what we want.


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