Remove Randa Jarrar from Fresno State University for Racist comments

Hates white women belly dancers. Says the color of their skin is wrong for belly dancing. Even wrote about it twice. As someone who represents her position at a University she took to social media and went a little buck wild over someone’s death when she should show restraint for her students make some tea at home, speak about it calmly in her lecture instead of spreading hate across the coasts amongst others. Continued to boast her tenure is solid, which that is not true. She feels that way Bc she can pull her ethnicity card anytime if they try to escort her and did use her background to defend against bashing Barbara Bush. She’s mad what the Son did to Iraq. But to top it all off, left a suicide hotline number on social media saying it was her contact number which blew up and that should actually cause her to be fired if anything and yes she should be fined for that (something anything, her book profits should all be donated to suicide awareness).

Amy Lota, Fairfield, CT, United States
1 month ago
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