Lower CSULB's TAP (free bus) program back to $5

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This month, California State University, Long Beach raised the price for the TAP program from a $5 one-time fee to a fee of $40 per semester. The TAP program allows students to take Long Beach Transit at no additional cost (the standard LB Transit fare is $1.25). This encourages students to lower their carbon footprint by taking the bus to campus instead of driving a personal vehicle. In addition, it provides low-income students with affordable transportation. For first-year dorm residents, who are generally not allowed to have cars on campus, the TAP program is necessary for freshman to get around the city. Considering the university's notorious parking shortage and increased parking fees, an affordable TAP program is necessary to reduce congestion in and around the university.

Despite the clear merits of an affordable TAP program for students, the university made the decision to raise the TAP fee by 800%. Even though this decision would severely impact all students, CSULB neglected to notify the student body, and instead hid the change within their bus program information web page (https://www.csulb.edu/parking-and-transportation-services/sustainable-transportation/bus) Trying to hide this information from students is unacceptable. 

We are calling for California State University, Long Beach to reduce the TAP program fee back to a $5 one-time fee by next semester.