Change the Cal State Fullerton Spring 2020 grading system in light of coronavirus pandemic

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As colleges nationwide have been experiencing severe condition changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, Cal State Fullerton students and faculty have been experiencing increased stressors that a sudden switch to fully online academics demand. Due to the sudden and serious nature of the outbreak, these changes compel us as students to ask the administration for further support and acknowledgement during this difficult time. 

The support we, as students, feel necessary is a universal pass system for the remainder of the semester. A universal pass system would result in students receiving credit for every class they are currently enrolled in for the Spring 2020 semester without any possibility of failure. All students would simply receive a "P" ("pass") on their transcripts instead of letter grades.

We, as a student body, feel that these accommodations are necessary due to the increased stress and lack of resources that many students are now facing. Although some students have the ability to manage online class systems, others do not have access to the Internet or the proper at home equipment required to successfully manage their courses. 

As we are in the middle of a global pandemic where essentials such as food, medical supplies, and access to resources are dramatically limited, we call upon our institution to make the necessary changes to the Cal State Fullerton Spring 2020 grading system.