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Build a designated walkway and increase lighting on North Folino Drive

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This will be presented as a proposal to the CSUF Planning, Resource, and Budget Committee after a significant amount of signatures are obtained.

We, the undersigned, in concern for the students of California State University Fullerton, petition for the construction of a sidewalk and increased lighting along Folino Drive, specifically the north portion along the Arboretum.

The specific reasons for this request includes the following:

  • Currently, a direct walkway from the north end of campus does not exist.
  • Students, especially those residing in CSU Fullerton housing, use Folino Drive to gain access to Yorba Linda and Lot G.
  • Because there is no designated walkway, many students walk on the road to access Lot G and Yorba Linda.
  • Since the population of resident students doubled this past year, there are more students using Folino Drive as a walkway.
  • Since the removal of the speed bumps in the recent road reconstruction, the speed of cars driving along Folino is no longer regulated.
  • Pedestrians walking on the road are at increased risk of being injured or killed by speeding cars.
  • Low light means less visibility of pedestrians to cars driving on the road.

This request would benefit CSU Fullerton and its student in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • A direct walkway to the residence halls and Lot E from the north end of campus.
  • A direct walkway from the residence halls to Lot G and a main street, Yorba Linda.
  • Pedestrians, especially CSU Fullerton students, would be kept off the road, decreasing risk of accidents.
  • Increased visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

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