Year Around Daylight-Savings Time in California

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Legislators can decide later whether to have the state stay on standard time or adopt daylight saving time year round. Year-round daylight saving time would require federal approval.

Assemblymember Kansen Chu has twice tried to get a bill through the California Assembly (AB 807) to adopt year-round Daylight-Saving time.

The constant change of time year after year has become a nuisance. Switching from Daylight Savings Time to Pacific Standard Time causes us to lose an hour of daylight in the evenings which effects evening travel, commerce, after-school activities and some say it even affects their health.

Give us an extra hour of light to shop, show properties, attend sporting events and so on.

Benefits of Year-Round DST (sourced from #LocktheClock which has links to studies)

  1. Heart attacks go up because of the clock change. (New England Journal of Medicine, Sleep Medicine Journal)
  2. There's NO increased risk to children in rural areas. (American Journal of Public Health)
  3. Traffic accidents spike on the Monday after "Spring Forward."(American Economic Association, New England Journal of Medicine)
  4. Workplace injuries go up. (Journal of Applied Psychology)
  5. Strokes go up. (Circulation Journal)
  6. Staying in DST will improve traffic safety in the winter months, and there is no increased risk to students waiting for school buses. (Journal of Safety Research)
  7. Permanent DST saves energy. (U.S. Department of Energy)
  8. Permanent DST helps in the fight against childhood obesity. (Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity and Journal of Physical Activity and Health)
  9. Workplace productivity goes down because of the clock changes.(Journal of Applied Psychology, story here)
  10. Permanent DST will help decrease air pollution. (Journal of the Air & Waste Management Assn. and Steve Spangler Science)
  11. Clock-changing harms relationships. (Wall St. Journal, citing several studies, subscription required)
  12. Clock-changing brings harsher sentences from judges.(Psychological Science)
  13. Getting rid of clock changing will make the stock market perform better. (Journal of Psychological Reports)
  14. Staying in DST all year can save wildlife. (The Royal Society Biology Letters)
  15. Switching out of DST hurts retail sales. (JP Morgan Chase Institute)
  16. Clock-changing increases IVF miscarriages. (Chronobiology International)
  17. Year-round Daylight Time means people walk and ride bikes more.(Journal of Environmental Psychology)

Make Daylight Savings Time a year-round time.

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