Support SB 1090 Legislation Make Southern California's Coastal Bluffs & Beaches Safe Again

Support SB 1090 Legislation Make Southern California's Coastal Bluffs & Beaches Safe Again

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OUR MISSION is to help get Senator Patricia Bates' Senate Bill 1090 Legislation passed by the State of California to shore up Southern California's coastal bluffs and make our local beaches safe again for all.

The California Coastal Commission is failing us. How many more lives must be lost before we stand up as a community? JOIN US and SIGN this petition to support SB 1090 Legislation.

Coastal erosion has wreaked havoc on communities along Southern California’s coastline as increasing amounts of coastal bluffs are collapsing onto our beaches. The current CA coastal management strategy does not prioritize erosion mitigation, instead it actually enables bluff slides, failures, erosion, and collapses that will continue to kill people on our beaches and prohibit public access.

This issue has risen to a critical level in the Counties of Orange and San Diego. In August of 2019 at Grandview Beach in Encinitas, California, an oceanfront bluff suddenly collapsed and killed three members of the Davis family who had gathered to celebrate one of the victim's victory over breast cancer. This San Diego-area tragedy followed similar preventable bluff collapse fatalities in 1995, 2000, 2002, and 2008.

In October of 2018, a concrete beach walkway near the back of Capistrano Beach collapsed as a result of ocean driven erosion. In November of 2019, a major bluff collapse in Del Mar put the entire coastal rail-line in jeopardy and will now cost $100 million to fully repair after the fact. The unchecked erosion of the bluffs on California’s highly populated beaches is becoming an even more critical threat to public safety, public infrastructure, and private property. California has a responsibility to protect the public’s right to access and use these spaces, while also ensuring their safety.

Millions of people visit the beaches in this region each year but are forced to sit at the base of dangerous bluffs due to the lack of sand replenishment and minimal beach area during mid to high tides.

SB 1090 requires the CA Coastal Commission to grant permits to cities, counties, state agencies, and existing oceanfront homeowners in San Diego and Orange Counties enabling the installation of drainage systems, erosion resistant landscaping, retaining walls, notch infills and/or seawalls in coastal hazard zones to mitigate coastal erosion and prevent future fatalities on public beaches.

There needs to be an effective and constructive path for locals to mitigate erosion of vertical bluff faces in these densely populated coastal hazard zones in order to alleviate further fatalities, injuries, infrastructure destruction, and emergency repair costs and litigation. 

SB 1090 will provide for a critical avenue to prevent further bluff-related tragedies from recurring. The addition of erosion mitigation strategies on the coastal bluffs will increase the amount of safe and secure coastal access on our beaches. SB 1090 will also require that our local beaches receive the sand replenishment that they desperately need.


4,464 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!