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Stop institutionalized bigotry in CA public schools!

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Stop institutionalized antisemitism in CA public schools! 

Join us in calling on the California Board of Education and the Instructional Quality Commission to strike down the bigoted, biased, and broken Draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, currently under consideration. 

On September 13, 2016, Governor Brown signed AB 2016, mandating the State Board of Education to adopt an Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Currently, the CA State Legislature is considering amendments to AB 331 that would directly tie the requirement to graduation. 

The current proposed curriculum to satisfy AB 2016 and AB 331 was created by the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Advisory Committee.

The proposed curriculum is bigoted, biased, and broken. Instead of promoting inclusivity, this curriculum encourages divisiveness by exploiting the crisis on the border, denigrating the memory of 9/11, and manipulating the struggles of African Americans to deliver anti-Israel and antisemitic messages with suggested coursework on…

●      Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico

●      Direct Action Front for Palestine and Black Lives Matter

●      Call to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel

●      Terrorism Against Arabs: Arab American and Civil Liberties post-9/11

To make matters worse, the curriculum pits Jews against other ethnic groups, evokes age-old stereotypes, and explicitly excludes Jews as an ethnic minority, despite an unprecedented rise in antisemitic attacks in the US. The drafted curriculum only mentions Jews four times, including a reference to a Jewish businessman in relation to success and property rights, an insinuation that Jews are responsible for Arab displacement after the “Nakba,” and more.

Let’s call this curriculum what it is: a concerted effort to institutionalize bigotry and antisemitism in public schools.

Our voices are stronger together. Let’s keep antisemitism out of public schools.

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