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Jawanza Mosi Martindale freedom and all charges dropped and his name cleared

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My son has been wrongfully implicated in crimes he did not commit. Falsely arrested on hearsay and speculation. On or around the date of August 14,2016 my son was home with family and friends. From April 7,2017 to the present time Jawanza Mosi Martindale is in jail at Larry D Smith Correctional facility. Jawanza is disabled and has not  received proper medical treatment that he needs while incarcerated. Special care for Jawanza is needed. My son attorney would not  accept the evidence I presented him Jawanza Mosi Martindale's mother Margaret Webb on the date of July 17,2017. There have been several incidents in the procedures of court that has led me to file this petition. One, no warrant at the time of arrest and no reading of my son jawanza Mosi Martindale  Miranda Rights. Two, mistaken identity the preliminary hearing Discovery revealed that two eyewitnesses saw a different person and sexual gender. Three, the two men that have represented my son Jawanza have not been competence with Jawanza case. Literally no communication between the two with Jawanza. Jawanza was simply told when the first attorney accused his self there was a conflict of interest no explanation. Both attorneys we're giving the information that Jawanza Mosi Martindale is disabled. Both attorney's sequestered medical records and court case until trial date was set. Fourth,  Jawanza Mosi Martindale bond hearing was passed up and went straight into his preliminary hearing. Never giving Jawanza a chance to be released on his own recognizance or reducing his bond. Fifth, the whole procedures of this court case has been biased and racially motivated. As did the judge which remarks and statements, came off with extreme prejudice towards Jawanza Mosi Martindale. The Riverside County Supreme Court's lower courts and gel is treating Jawanza Mosi Martindale as though he has already been convicted of a crime he has been implicated in that he did not committed. Jawanza reputation and good name have been damaged due to these wrongful allegations. His community connections have turned their backs on him due to the fact that he is incarcerated. Due to the fact of Jawanza not being medicated his Focus and understanding of what is happening to him or Neil. Jawanza Mosi Martindale has been disabled since the age of four years old. Jawanza has always had a caregiver did his mother or someone that has been paid. This petition is being filed for the release of Jawanza Mosi Martindale. 

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