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Investigate The Stolen 2016 US Presidential Election

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The Election Polls Were Right And Clinton Actually Won

We all remember the election day and how much we were in shock about Donald Trump’s election victory. One of the feelings that we all shared in the aftermath of that election  was how we don't trust election polls any more. Real Clear Politics and Nate Silver’s 538 projected a Hillary Clinton victory, and they were shown to be painfully wrong. One question that we have been kept from asking: “What if the Polls Were Right?”

It's easy to say the election is over and we need to move on, but by doing that we are ignoring some very tangible unanswered questions. Why were the polls right nationally and state by state except for the states critical to the electoral college?

According to RCP the Popular Nation Polling Average projected Clinton to have 46.8% of the vote and Trump has 43.6% of the vote giving Clinton a 3.2% lead. 538 Polling had Clinton winning the Popular Vote 48.5 to 44.9. The end results have Clinton winning the popular vote by 2.1%.

Let's review the discrepancies between 538’s polling projections and the official results as shown:

-Florida: 538 Clinton +0.6%; Official Results Trump +1.2%

-Michigan: 538 Clinton +4.2%; Official Results Trump +0.3%

-Pennsylvania: 538 Clinton 3.7%; Official Results Trump +0.7%

-Wisconsin: Clinton +5.3%; Official Results Trump +0.7%

The data shows that Florida is the only battleground state that followed the National polling discrepancy trend. The other States were off by a varying margin, but consistently just enough for Trump to win. There's an X-factor that has yet to be accounted for. Research has shown Russia had the ability to hack the voting machines and many votes for Trump came from rural communities with poor security measures.

Ask yourself, what's the chance that the polls were right in every state but the critical battleground states, versus the chance that something artificially manipulated the votes in those critical states?

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