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Possession,Substance abuse,and the Punishment

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The amount of people who are serving time in prison is very alarming,this piece of evidence explains on how many people are in jail. An article written by Oliver Roeder states, “According to the Bureau of Prisons, there are 207,847 people incarcerated in federal prisons. Roughly half (48.6 percent) are in for drug offenses. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are 1,358,875 people in state prisons. Of them, 16 percent have a drug crime as their most serious offense”(B.O.P).  This is very important in a way that explains the alarming number of people that are serving time that have committed offense that was with connect to drugs. There is a small portion of people in jail. We need to find a way to solve this issue and the answer would be in rehab centers.

A story from Huffington Post talks about a story of a dad and a kid about addiction and thus talks about incarceration.”He needs treatment with his incarceration, otherwise he will just walk out—still imprisoned by the disease of addiction—and repeat the cycle like hundreds of thousands of other inmates who come out, only to go back into the system as repeat offenders." Being in jail really won't help the situation  but prolong it be creating an endless cycle until the criminal end up in jail for the rest of their life.  This cycle will end if a person would be able to have the support of other people which specialized getting over addiction. This would also avoid people going back to jail.


“The average per-inmate cost was $31,286 in Fiscal Year 2010. The 40 states surveyed by this study spent $39 billion on maintaining their prisons in 2010. That is $5.4 billion more than their total reported corrections budgets for that year.” that is a huge amount of money and if you think about it , if this is a continuous cycle then wouldn't that mean the government will continue spending money in a short term way out to solve an important issue. So I propose that we should make the judicial system make rehab centers a viable option to get over substance abuse and addiction by first funding rehab that would be used for drug related issue to rehab and send the prisoners to rehab also and not only prison.


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