Decision Maker Response

Patricia C. Bates’s response

Patricia C. Bates
State Senator

Apr 1, 2016 — Thank you for your dedication to seeking justice for Erica Alonso! I stand with you!

Erica was a Laguna Hills constituent who lived in the Senate district that I represent. Her death last year was tragic and disturbing, and her body did not deserve to be dumped. Unfortunately, body dumping is a crime punishable only by a misdemeanor.

That is why I have co-authored Senate Bill 1088 with Senator Janet Nguyen to strengthen the penalty for body dumping if a judge believes the circumstances warrant it.

Like any other bill, SB 1088 must go through a long legislative process if it is to become law. No matter how much a bill might make sense, success is not guaranteed. SB 1088 is currently pending in the Senate Public Safety Committee. I encourage you to go to to contact members of the committee to express your support.

Working together, we can pass SB 1088 and ensure some measure of justice for Erica.


Senator, 36th District